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The Wedding

Corporate Gifts

 A premium Hand Rolled Cigar compliments this bautiful

Savannah Line of Fine Watches
by Swiss Army

These have a 15 Jewel ETA Quartz Swiss Movement in them..The very same movement that Baum and Mercier uses in their upscale timepieces costing thousands of Dollars!! These are of a vintage style, with sub second bit at bottom, in Men's and Women's.

Alleyby & co. Steel SQ/Kaki Strap Model 94206 



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Cigars Wedding Favor Ideas

A picture perfect wedding is not complete without a Cigar

For the discriminating cigar lover.

A Variety of Cigars Wrapped in Boxes

Make sure every guest leaves your event with a memento. You can select from a single Centerpiece of 8, 10, or 12 cigars per table with or without the carry out box. Giving you many options from which to choose.

We can also provide you with personalized bags and cigar bands.

Bundle of 3 Premium Hand Rolled Cigars. Your choice of Mild, Medium or Full Strength

You can choose just the bundle without the box.

Cigars are natural products, and therefore require care and protection just like any other perishable item. (Holds up to one dozen cigars.)

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